Wednesday, June 30, 2010

color me blissful

today i spent a solid twenty minutes staring at and collecting swatch colors at the hardware store. after grabbing a fresh new handful, i made my selection and purchase of the color 'encompass' for our dining room (edward's newest project). saturday will be makeover day for this room as it receives a fresh coat of neutral and soft tan/brown. once home, i spent more blissful minutes (about 60 of them) choosing colors for the other rooms of the house and walking room to room taping selected ones to the walls to see which i liked best. once narrowing down the colors from a rather large pallet, i left the ones i felt i liked up on the walls so that upon walking into and out of the rooms i can continue my deduction of the colors i like least. also, it will be helpful to have edward make his selections in the same manner to help me make my final choices.

yesterday i made a trip to my favorite fabric and crafting store in bangor, joann's, and purchased far too much in fabric to make a quilt for the baby, along with some enchanting scrapbook pages for the baby book i am preparing to make, and a pattern for a snow sack as the baby will be a late fall/winter baby and will need something warm and cozy to go out in. nothing puts me in a better mood than the planning of things for this wonderous little wren who will soon be entering our lives. tomorrow will determine whether our wee one is a boy or a girl and though it makes us both a bit nervous, as it further solidifies reality in our hearts, we are both very excited to find out the gender of the child we'll be welcoming into the world.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

be prepared

the bookmarks tab on my browser has never seen so many lovely pages, full of creative bits and doodads to create for my tiny bundle of joy growing safely in my growing belly.

i have always been addicted to crafts, among most art related things, and many christmas seasons i have spent hours making by hand the gifts i would share with my loved ones. so, putting that energy to new light, i am planning to begin feathering our nest with handloved items. my cherished boyfriend and loving daddy-yo-be has been in overdrive with plans and projects to renovate our little home in time for our wee one's arrival (only four months to go!), so many free moments are spent picking out paint colors and dreaming up ways to brighten up our nest. our hallway was the first to see fresh paint, and it's light mint color just brings new inspirations for the rest of the rooms in our home.

i have many inspirations to assist in the plans for what i will handlove and create, but truth be told i am a newbie to the use of a sewing machine. with two in tow, an antique from my great grandmother and a brand new one still in the box, i am preparing for my adventures in sewing soon. my knitting has taken a back seat, though i still plan to learn some new and adorable patterns for this wee one to be wearing...someday. the colors this itty bitty will be in? well we will know on thursday as long as this kicking and rolling mini ninja cooperates.