Wednesday, August 25, 2010

camera shy

edward and i have been trying to catch our little one's belly movements on video camera, but it seems that every time we pull out the camera in a moment of activity.. caleb plays possum until we give up and then he's right back to his river-dancing. he's most active first thing in the morning and late at night when it's about bedtime, so if we time it just right i believe we'll be able to snag a video soon. it was always hard for me to understand what was being described by other pregnant moms about the motions happening in their tummies, but now that i'm experiencing it i am always in awe. feeling the kicks since he was 17 weeks old and now at 29 weeks seeing all of the pushing, kicking, shoving, hiccuping, and other activities makes me want an inside look. i am hoping we will get another 3d ultrasound in the upcoming weeks so i can get another peek at what this little boy looks like and how he's grown since last time.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

a little shove

with the baby's room near completion (comparison photos to follow), i am feeling more and more anxious to have his room stocked and decorated for his arrival.

lately this little munchkin has taken to shoving hard against my stomach with his wee little hands and feet. watching him shift and shove and kick makes me smile the smile of a proud mother. he's practicing all of those key survival tactics he'll need for when he's no longer residing inside of my body and, though it is a little overwhelming, i am proud to have a front row seat in this process. his hiccups shake my whole stomach and i can feel the outlines of his hands and feet when i gently press back against his insistent pushes. i cannot wait to meet this strong little boy and see what kind of child he will be on the outside.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

motivating magic

i've witnessed the near completion of the baby's room this week; tomorrow is the final day of mudding! the guys (edward, pete, and geoff) are planning to attack the last of it to get the room sanding & paint-ready for next weekend. also following closely behind is the tearing up of the carpets and laying of the wood flooring! i've also talked edward into painting the old wood floors upstairs (which are painted grey right now, but i am wishing for a warmer tone). also, stripping and sealing the walls in the big spare room will need to be completed and that should take a while. then painting the living room, putting up some crown molding, new ceiling light, a drop ceiling and new ceiling light in the dining room and we'll be able to slow it down until the baby arrives. i figure i will be able to pick away at the rest of the renovating once caleb is born.

speaking of caleb, he's over a pound in weight now and growing steadily at 27 weeks; lately i feel like he's an octopus and not a human baby as he's kicking and punching me all over. the kicking and punching is leading to pain in areas that he has no business inflicting it, not that it occurs to him. newest place: my lungs & my kidneys. thanks, kid! mommy doesn't need those in tact or anything.