Wednesday, August 25, 2010

camera shy

edward and i have been trying to catch our little one's belly movements on video camera, but it seems that every time we pull out the camera in a moment of activity.. caleb plays possum until we give up and then he's right back to his river-dancing. he's most active first thing in the morning and late at night when it's about bedtime, so if we time it just right i believe we'll be able to snag a video soon. it was always hard for me to understand what was being described by other pregnant moms about the motions happening in their tummies, but now that i'm experiencing it i am always in awe. feeling the kicks since he was 17 weeks old and now at 29 weeks seeing all of the pushing, kicking, shoving, hiccuping, and other activities makes me want an inside look. i am hoping we will get another 3d ultrasound in the upcoming weeks so i can get another peek at what this little boy looks like and how he's grown since last time.

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