Friday, September 23, 2011

waving bye-bye to baby days

so everyone knows that our children cannot be babies forever, and in two months mine won't be, either. in two months, my now-ten-month-old will be one year old and no longer my little baby. (okay, okay, he'll always be my 'baby' in theory, but in reality.. he's going to my a toddler.)

lately he's been putting a lot of things together and showing us just how much he's grasping of what we're teaching him. amazed are we, his doting parents, when he shakes his head 'no' or sits down on the couch when we ask him to. 'look at mommy... would you like some more?' and other such phrases are not just being said, but understood. today i actually played a game of 'mommy's a bunny!' with c which entailed putting on a pair of his bunny ears and hopping up and down then putting them back on c's head. he would then remove them and hand them back to me or try to put them on my head himself. it's these things i don't want to take for granted. every little thing he does from now until he's a full grown man.. and likely thereafter i want to remember. he's learning and interacting and growing here, right here, before our very eyes and it's truly awesome.

though i suspect standing alone and taking steps are merely around the corner, we are not at 'walking alone' status yet. our little wren is, however, walking while holding on to our hand with only one of his hands, pushing his wagon-walker and practically running across the floor, and holding on to both of our hands and steering us around the house as quickly as his little legs can carry us. he's a little shy to attempt standing by himself, but we've caught him doing it on his own a few times before he realizes it and sits down abruptly. he'll get there much faster than we're ready for, i think.

so plotting and planning his first birthday party is on my to-do list and i am having mild amounts of anxiety over it. first and foremost, where to host it!? our house is not very big, but it is my first choice of venue. being that i am a slight control freak, i want to be able to decorate and plan it the way the prefer. i find renting a grange hall or going out to eat is a little impersonal for a first birthday party and i really want it to be fun and casual. i think a 'theme' is a little strong for a party that he will most likely not remember and has no say in (he doesn't know where his nose is yet, let alone what he would like for a party theme..) so i think i will keep it simple and make it an autumn theme since it's right before thanksgiving anyway. then there's the task of food and space enough for the forty-ish people that will be invited. and a cake! i want to make his cake, i think. big task, i know, but i really would like to take a stab at it. no idea what i will do, yet, but a cake i will make!

now i have successfully set my head to spinning. i think i need to cut this short and go clear my head before i am overwhelmed with part details....

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