Thursday, December 8, 2011

a noteworthy turning point: year one

okay, okay. i am horrible. it's been since halloween that i've even bothered to consider an update, which, let's face it, is a bit much. but here i am, and here we are, and this is where i'll leap back into play. i will not promise photos this round, as our internet is abysmally slow and my child is spectacularly curious and quick these days. some other time, i swear!

so the big first birthday has come and gone, and oh, what a day it was! not only did i stress over party details up until the last minute, but was gloriously rewarded the day of his birthday party. it went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all. we are so thankful to have the people in our lives who care as much for us as we do for them. our wee beazey was graced with presence and presents galore and could not have been happier. he went down for a nap still smeared in chocolate frosting, and woke with a smile still plastered to his face.

we are now preparing for our second christmas with our growing boy, and i have to say that the festive mood has infected my very soul this year. years past i have been in less than a celebratory mood, but the arrival of our sweet little c has done nothing but set my spirits to soaring over this holiday season. not only did i begin cutting paper snowflakes (the likes of which i haven't even attempted since i was a kid), and cutting custom paper trees and snow to adorn our windows, but i even went so far as to collect various evergreen bows and stuff three very large flower pots, a small flower pot, and a wooden pallet full of them for the front and side doors of our house. i have our tree up, but i await purchasing more lights before we can decorate it, as this is the first time we have put up the full tree. yes, i prefer a real tree, but our faux-fir has been handed down to us by e's parents and is being put to loving use.

on the toddler front we have been having a blast with all of beaz's new things. new words are flying out of his mouth daily and he's even become more confident in his walking, though still preferring to jet around on hands and knees. he's trying to eat with utensils, put his own shoes and socks on, he's even 'helping' by putting things away/wiping up things. it's not really as helpful as it sounds, but i still appreciate his mimicking. he's really starting to communicate to us more readily and is nearly overjoyed when he learns something that evokes an eruption of praise from us. his personality has truly blossomed, and though most of the time it shows his sweet and incredibly silly side... we have learned much more about his stubborn, frustrated side recently. tantrums, hitting, throwing tows, are only a few of his expressions of true upset, but we are working ever-so-hard on quelling the storm that is little c. instead of hitting, we have been replacing the kind of touching he does with rubbing and hugging and it seems to be overtaking our once slap-happy boy. lately if i rub his back, he will rub mine, or approach me and rub my leg/arm/whatever. and the HUGS! i have to say that there is little greater feeling than my tiny toddler hugging me and meaning it! and, in addition to hugs, comes an onslaught of super wet kisses. i adore each drooly and awkward one!

some favorites of the beazey boy lately include riding the radio flyer scooter we got him for his birthday, the tv show 'curious george,' almost ANY music, head banging and drumming on his chest/legs, books books books!, forts, climbing the stairs and well... anything he can climb, and snuggling down to sleep with his giraffe, alice, that his auntie hentrietta gave him many months ago.

no matter where his journey takes him, i have nothing but immense love and pride for my son. he shows me every day just how clever a boy he is and how lucky we are to have him complete our family.

if i do not take time to write again soon, wishing everyone a very merry christmas and happy new year.

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