Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the sunny side

my beloved has been plugging away at our nursery for some time now, and after doing much priming, prepping, and cutting in, the first full coat of color is on the walls! it looks so warm and lovely in all of it's golden mustard splendor. the color, titled 'gainsboro,' was chosen by edward much to my surprise as i had selected two colors to choose from and the rejected color was a paler and more subtle gold. but boldness has it! after a few more coats and the completion of the ceiling, trim, and door, our little nursery will be ready to feather and fluff for our son.
speaking of feathering, my mother and her best friend have been diligently planning a baby shower for me to be held on the 26th of this month. i am so grateful that two such creative women who know me so well will be lovingly hosting this event. truth be told, i cannot wait! a gathering of the women in my life whom i adore as well as lovely welcoming gifts for my darling peanut, what more could i want? i am itching to begin my nesting in his room, plotting the places his crib, my rocking chair, and other furniture will live. i am anxious to begin my rifling through my own baby items that my mother saved for me and begin picking out the heirlooms our son will inherit. hoping my crib is in wonderful and reusable condition to go along with the bassinet my own mother and the rest of my very large extended family (myself included) slumbered in.
i am finding such a love for family heirlooms and their use in our son's life. i cannot wait to meet him. 8.5 weeks left and i am getting more excited my the day!

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