Friday, September 24, 2010

misty mornings

another large step in the progress of our feathering has just been completed: the living room floor! i am sure i have photos of the old floor somewhere in my stash of photos, but i will spare the details of that disgusting once-was rug (full of bachelor-pad boy stains and dog stink!) and show you the newest improvement. say hello to wood! other changes to this room include the new green couch (it was difficult to make the decision to give away my great grandmother's set but it went to a lovely older couple who did not have furniture for their living room), and the fish stand-which was once a coffee table and is now an old and roughly used bureau covered in paint, dents, scratches, and chips. i love it's worn feel and the fact that it now houses at least 1/3 of our very large DVD collection. eventually we will be redoing the ceiling, adding a new light fixture, some crown molding, and painting the walls. what a difference the floor already makes; i can't wait for the rest!
this weekend i will be enjoying time with both sides of my family: that is edward's and my own. tomorrow we will be gathering at his parents' so that i may meet some of the extended members of his family and so that our parents will finally meet (we've only been together two years after all). sunday will be my baby shower that my mom and her friend michelle have been diligently planning and i am most looking forward to seeing people and having them share in my excitement over our growing family. such bliss is hard matched!

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