Tuesday, February 1, 2011


it's been a transitioning couple of weeks for wee baby c. vaccination shots nightmare aside, he's been doing many new things and i find myself amazed as well as slightly sad that my baby is no longer a newborn. we spent an afternoon last week with a rad momma and her twin *almost one year old* girls which was more for me than for my little one. it's was wonderful to talk mom-things and find myself aligned with a lot of things another mom has already experienced in her child raising. of course i must admire her as she and her beloved have been raising not one, but two little girls. she's been a breastfeeding mom of twins, which let's just say right now is amazing, and also has been on an organic solid food regimen. the girls eat a lot of home grown veggies and all organically raised foods instead of store brand baby food. this power couple prepares the meals themselves and sends the girls off to daycare with healthy meals in tow. this helps me feel confident in my aspirations to do the same for little c as i plot and plan my garden for this year. i am hoping by the time he turns six months old and is ready to eat solid foods that we will have a bountiful garden feast to begin preparing our own baby food with.

other things our growing boy had been up to include using both hands to grab and hold rings and rattles, sleeping more and more soundly in his own crib and room, trying to sit up and being able to hold himself sitting alone for a few seconds at a time, and standing up while balanced by myself or e. though i do not feel that i am ready for him to grow up so quickly, i am amazed at his progress in these areas. while he's been on track with much of his development, some things he's just hurtling headlong into! his biggest objection in our daily activities is to 'tummy time.' he resists being on his belly like he's fighting an epic battle. it's all grunting and squealing in distaste until finally collapsing and refusing to pick his head up while crying. it seems a bit mean, but i always get a good chuckle out of his adamant disdain. it's like a mini-tantrum over something that he will eventually (i'm told) come to enjoy as a natural process of learning to crawl. though we often joke he's determined to skip crawling and go straight to walking...

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  1. I've always thought to myself, if I were going to have a kid, I would NOT raise them on the same things I had as a kid (i.e. honey buns, ding-dongs, hot dogs, etc.). Power to you girl! I heard the Magic Bullet is THE tool to have if you want to make your own organic baby food =)