Wednesday, April 27, 2011

to spring or not to spring

spring seems to have arrived and with it comes the rain, and a damp chill. after about two weeks of suffering a terrible cold, the three of us are finally on the mend. c and e came down very sick with sneezy and runny noses as well as some coughing and shortly i followed their spiral into sickness. we spent much time cuddled up, blowing our noses, and trying to get well. our easter plans had to be canceled, but we finally came through the sickly fog.

in spite of it all, wee c managed to keep his spirits up and was well long before e or myself. (must once again sing the praises of mother nature's miracle: breast milk!) tallying up his advances, i've come to find the the daily progressions are hard to keep track of. he had been rolling front to back occasionally a few weeks ago, but now has mastered this art and moved on to rolling from his back to his side. tummy time is no longer the same struggle it once was as his interest in getting to his toys, or whatever else catches his eye, is a new priority. he happily rolls from his tummy to his back and then reverses the action to change toys. this morning i was surprised to find him awake in his crib lying on his belly for the first time. always put the sleep in his back, he has been sleeping on his side for nearly a week, as well as spinning himself all around in his crib depending on which way he desires to face. it was a bit of a shock to see him lying face down in his crib this morning, playing with his set of plastic keys.

if his new moves aren't enough to make a momma smile, his new noises sure do the trick. while going about my chores two days ago, i dragged his exersaucer into the kitchen so he could watch as i did the dishes. while happily playing, little wren burst into a new noise: raspberries! these little zerberts (for those of you who were cosby show fans), started rolling off his lips and soon the spit followed. throwing in some b's and th's, the raspberries took on a life and language all their own. so, with this discovery, his favorite form of noise-making is this very wet sound.

officially five months old, i have watched my child growing up before my eyes with nothing short of amazed pride. even now, as he is standing up in his exersaucer (also a new talent) and blowing those very drooly 'berries, i am all smiles. hard to believe that next month he will be half a year old. i hate to see my baby lose his baby-ness, but i am naturally excited for all of the things we will be experiencing with him as he grows. up next month: baby food!

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