Tuesday, May 3, 2011

back to belly basics

i never thought i would witness the day my sweet son would choose to play on his belly without my direction. but today, as i have placed him on his large quilt in the middle of our living room, surrounded by his favorite 'floor toys,' i am witnessing a little boy playing happily on his belly. the more he understands that being on his wee tummy will open the doors on motion and travel, the more he's content being on it. i began this tummy time routine with placing him in the middle of his quilt, where he promptly rolls to his back. tummy time looses it's effectiveness here because he is aware that he can get out of it so easily now. a clever momma i have become, though, as i place he most coveted toys just out of his reach to entice him to roll back over. sure enough, over he goes in search of these items and now i am watching as he's made his way to the edge of the quilt with his felted bucket of goodies. crawling is not underway, yet, but i hold hope that he's beginning to figure it out, as he's rolling and pushing himself up on his hands, that putting the concepts of these into forward motion will quickly gain access to all of the things that are still out of his reach.

hard to believe that the 18th of this month will bring us to the half-year point of our wee wren's life. seems nearly impossible that time has gone so quickly by.

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