Friday, October 15, 2010

in motion

in simpler times of bodily form, my biggest complaints were about small love handles and a few extra pounds. in this time of cohabitation, my body has other complaints to make. we have reached our 37 weeks of this gestation and my wee wren is now considered full term by medical means. but my assumption is that he will continue to share my body for the remaining few weeks and grow a bit more. though our last doctor's appointment revealed that our boy is a teensy 5lbs, 7oz and only in the 30th growth percentile, he's still developing very well. despite his small stature (with parents as small as we, what else is to be expected?), he's been practicing some pretty enormous kicks and shoves. today has been a day full of activity, and, as he's maxed out his amniotic fluids as well as room in my belly, my stomach has resembled something quite alive! watching/feeling him jump around is a proud moment in the sun, only shadowed slightly by the fact that these movements are growing increasingly uncomfortable and at times.. painful! i had claimed to 'be accustomed to' all of the movement, but now it's taken on a life of it's own. and, though it often makes me stop to catch my breath, i must smile at his zeal and vigor while reminding myself that these are the final days. only too soon will he make his entry into the world and i will hold his sweet little form against rather than inside of me. i excitedly await this day with nothing short of a mother's love.

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