Saturday, October 2, 2010

showered in love

last weekend i was graced with two baby showers and the many blessings that come with a loving family. saturday we stuffed our bellies at a cookout momma gail and pop pop threw at their home equipped with gail's sister's, close family friends, sister j and little emma, and even my parents! the day was sunny and warm, the food was delicious and homemade, and tiny loving trinkets were gifted to little wren's anxiously awaited arrival. as if this cozy affair wasn't enough, on sunday my own mother wren and our dear family friend threw me a baby shower in my home town with friends and family in tow. food, games, laughs, and so many gifted wonders that i could hardly fit them all in my truck! our darling boy is not going to lack love and family for a moment in his life on this earth. coming home with all of our baby loot, i went right to work pulling out each and every item to look it over once more, admire it, and then lay it out in the nursery (which lacks all of it's furniture to date). sitting on the floor i stared adoringly at his little treasures, at the rocking chair my parents gave us, and the bassinet that has been passed down in my family since my own mother was born, and felt my gratitude overflowing. true blessings are the ones that come with arms filled with hugs, hearts filled with love, and words filled with shared cheer over the joys taking place.

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