Monday, October 4, 2010

obsessive organizing

last night i spent at least an hour refolding all of our wee wren's clothes, washing the interior and exterior of his bureau, filling cloth bags with laundry-scented tarts, and organizing outfits by size and use. i am sure that my nesting addiction will have me rearranging it once, twice, three times more before he arrives in my arms. the day before i spent a few hours, after e had moved the remaining furniture into his room, placing his things on the shelves and bureau, moving his toys around, and sitting in the rocking chair admiring the warm and cozy little nook. his tiny nursery is looking so lovely that i cannot wait to have him in it. in anticipatory imagination, i find myself switching on his mobile to listen to it's soft music and stare into his crib.

yesterday my love and i tackled the task of bedroom rearranging and i am pleased with the outcome. moving the overlarge bookcase into the big spare room, loading it full of our books, and hauling our bureaus back into our bedroom, swapping out the location of a small stand, and placing small decorative items back in their rightful places made the upstairs begin to feel homey and snuggly. i even took it upon myself to set up our new bassinet which arrived a few days ago. not that i don't love my family heirloom bassinet, but after the fifth time of having the legs not lock correctly and one side or another collapse to the floor.. i felt i could not, in good conscience, allow my baby to sleep in something so unstable. worrying first time mother syndrome? perhaps. necessary and well-worth-it purchase? absolutely. i admit i love the look of my old bassinet more than the one we purchased, but will take safety over visual appeal any day. the heirloom bassy will live in the nursery filled with stuffed animals and blankets which cannot be injured by falling to the floor.

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