Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mediocre motivation

i have to admit to being rather lazy the past few weeks about unpacking my kitchen boxes and starting my kitchen revival project. with the heat, my motivation nose-dived, my feet swelled, my head ached, and my eyes burned. BUT. excuses no more. the hot spell is broken as the weather is ten degrees cooler, and i have begun the final steps in my kitchen unpacking.
before, i was taking out piece by piece from the boxes as we found need for them. leaving us drinking solely from coffee and tea mugs (which, let's face it, don't hold nearly enough water for a thirsty momma-to-be.) i have finally unpacked my glasses, more than happy to fill one to the brim and gulp it down, and also my plates, bowls, and other cookware. the happiest moment was last night with the discovery of my long-mourned coffee maker. my dearest not being a coffee drinker, i was lost without my 'one cup' allowance each morning.
the other task in my kitchen revival is getting rid of the miscellaneous junk that has cluttered the kitchen. my darling edward, being a man of great talent but little belongings, had collected hand-me-down kitchenware over the years. the kitchen is full of things like ancient dishes, mismatched mugs, lids to pots and pans no longer in service, a coffee maker without a carafe, and a rather sad drawer of utensils that would never form a matching set. soon many of these items will find their way to the donation center of the local goodwill store.
with the kitchen finally finding order, we will begin our painting project... well, we'll at least think about it.
edward has started the task of stripping wallpaper from the baby's room, then will need to seal the old drywall, mud and tape, button-hole the ceiling, and finally! paint! following that is the spare room.. which boasts a great deal of wallpaper on wallpaper and also more need of sealing the drywall. we agreed to leave our bedroom and bathroom for after baby caleb arrives. that will be my personal project.
just over three months until our bundle of love arrives, and said in terms of weeks, 15 weeks never felt so short!

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