Friday, July 16, 2010

paper shredder

so, i've begun my task of removing the wallpaper border from our upstairs bathroom.
i also began a small section of our spare room just to see what i was up against...
not only is there a beautiful layer of pearly bamboo paper.. but underneath there is
a colorful orange, lime green, and bright blue paisley-style print, which i must say is classy.

this isn't going to be easy!


  1. death to the "jewel tones" border...good work mama!

  2. thanks! it's no simple task, but we'll call it a 'labor of love' none-the-less!

    1. Oh small papers must keep away from babies coz it might them to eat those small papers, so better to have paper shredder. What do you think?

    2. Oh, this was far before our little one was born. Would never have little papers lying around once he was here. Thanks for the advice!