Friday, July 16, 2010

summer sizzle

this summer has proven it's intentions of outdoing last year's chilly weather, leaving me living largely in the cold shower. it's a nice relief, albeit short lived.

this weekend belfast is hosting it's annual celtic festival. beginning late this afternoon the streets of downtown and the waterfront will be full of my fellow celts enjoying the games and traditions of the heritage. my parents had intended to make the trip down for lunch tomorrow, but only just remembering that the festival will be crowding the streets and surely the restaurants, we may need to reschedule or rethink our plans for that.

the house is slowly coming together. with the dining room painted, edward is getting anxious to finish the other rooms in our house. he's made plans to work on the baby's room possibly as soon as tomorrow which will involve sheet-rocking, mudding, and painting. i'm going to look into ways to strip wallpaper that do not include a steamer and try to get the large spare room stripped soon as well as looking into different kinds of textures to put on imperfect walls that can be painted over. this may save us a great deal on having to tape and mud and sand down all of the imperfections, plus.. i think it's a fairly unique way to bring character to a room. and let's face it, our little house has a lot of character to be spruced up!

the baby is getting bigger, though my belly is taking it's time truly showing. i keep hearing 'you can't be in your third trimester, you're belly's so tiny!' from the majority of people i encounter, which i know is not a reflection on our baby's growth being stunted, but needless to say it's a little disconcerting. the scales don't lie, i'm putting on the appropriate weight to keep us both healthy, he's just going to be a wee one with parents who are not so big themselves. this is not a reflection on how strong he is, though! this bitty boy can kick and kick hard! i attribute these sometimes startling jabs and thumps to his feisty and veracious nature. being pleased that i have not outgrown the majority of my shirts and clothes, i am, however, ready for the big bump of belly, and even more ready to get through to our final weeks before he arrives. 16 weeks is not far away, and with it fast-approaching we are beginning to feel more and more excited to meet our little caleb. edward has begun reading to him a few nights a week from the original animated film book 'the lord of the rings' by jrr tolken. i love those moments spent lying on the bed with edward next to me, close to my belly, reading aloud a story we both love while caleb (either happily or unhappily) kicks away to the sound of his father's voice. i cannot express fully the sense of peace and comfort i gain from spending an hour in our little family bliss.

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