Monday, July 26, 2010

nursing the nursery

our poor nursery room has been the one in the most desperate need of repair and thankfully having such handy men around has begun the process of renovating this darling space. edward and peter have managed to strip all of the (four) layers of wallpaper from the walls and are stepping into the process of sealing the old drywall and button-holing the ceiling. i am preparing to take some storage bins up there soon, as the large bookshelf residing in the room still cannot be moved until all of edward's vhs tapes (he has hundreds) have been removed from the shelves. once the room is painted, i am so looking forward to adorning it with lovely things for our baby boy.
our little house keeps surprising and pleasing me more and more as we step further into it's facelift. whereas before it was in need of much updating, each small measure taken changes the prospect of this home and our own lives within it.

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