Wednesday, May 18, 2011

halfway there!

today our wee wren turns six months old, and what an adventure we've been having on our way to this day!

amazing that the time can go so quickly, but the more impressive fact is the changes that are made from newborn to six month old infant. i remember holding my sweet boy in my arms for the first time and thinking 'you've belonged here all along.' the newness of him was intoxicating, and, even amid some sleepless nights, we were in awe of his darling baby magic. all babies seem to posses this magic, and we were hopelessly under his spell. with night feedings slowly becoming a thing of the past, i look back on those first weeks with little c home and remember feeding him in the early morning hours, long before the sun, and waking later to find we had dozed off together; c on the boppy pillow and me sitting upright with protective arms around him.

today our boy is motivated and ready to move. now able to roll over both ways and push himself up on his hands, he's been making attempts at crawling. though he's yet figured out how to get his arms and legs to work together and propel him forward, he's trying all sorts of new things to see what works best. his preference, however, is to stand and 'walk' (while we hold his hands or under his arms). he gets so excited when was take a stroll around the house, and squeals in delight as the dogs dance around him. i estimate he'll be moving and shaking on his own within a few months.

newest to our baby experiences are cloth diapers. having purchased them nearly two months ago based on our wee wren's weight, i found that he was just too skinny to wear them. even with several different folds of the cloth, i was unable to get them small enough to allow him to continue with his sitting and rolling over; all he could do was lie on his back! so, as patiently as i could, i waited until he grew a bit bigger and yesterday i strapped one on him to see where we were with the size. thankfully, despite still being quite bulky on his lean frame, he is able to sit and roll over in them now. the diaper covers are still far too big, but, using the 'twist fold' on his prefolds and folding a little extra down in front while securing the sides with pins, i am finding that we can make it work. i am already discovering ways to improve our experience with them (snappies instead of diaper pins will help keep this fold in place with less hassle, and the ingenius diaper sprayer for easy-off poo cleaning!). so i have a few things to order, but even without the added accessories i am pleased that we are at last in cloth!

with solid foods on the menu (last night c was delighted over the introduction of carrots mixed into his rice cereal) and cloth on his behind, our growing boy has arrived at six months in style. the journey here has been both wonderful with it's fair share of challenges, but even that mixture can't spoil the batter. i still find our wee wren's personal quirks to be quite tasty! i am so looking forward to the next six months as we make our way toward his first birthday.

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