Friday, May 20, 2011

paint me happy

yesterday, little c and i made our way to the home of our dear friends for some rainy afternoon playtime. on the agenda for the day: finger painting!

we always enjoy our visits with the twins, while i partake in much enjoyed chit chat with their awesome momma, and yesterday my wee wren got his fingers (and everywhere else..) dirty with his first finger painting experience. the girls, who are finger painting professionals by this point, showed us how it was done as they skillfully dragged their little fingers across their canvases in an array of colored splendor. little c was not to be outdone as he dove in and worked his paint heavily into the canvas to create a glorious brown. by the time they were all done, finger, arms, mouths, hair, legs, tummies, and even toes were covered in good ol' crayola *washable non-toxic* paint. must admit i am thankful for these features as my sweet child reached around in his joy and grabbed a handful of my shirt, adorning it with tiny red hand prints. being that it was such fun and that e and i are both avid painters, i think that i will add finger painting to my regular activities with my bitty bean. as our entry porch is now an art gallery for e & my artwork, i shall need to make room to display c's new creations, too.

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