Friday, May 13, 2011

words for thought

i recently bumped into a wonderfully lovely lady, who works with my beloved, while i was shopping in the grocery store with my dear henrietta and little c and she mentioned something to me that has been tucked away in my mind since before my wee wren was born. she told me how she had been reading my blog (blush! i have readers!?) and that i should consider writing children's books. not the first to mention that i should do this, she sparked my long-yearning passion to do so and i sit here on this sunny day, while my little one naps in his sunny room, contemplating the avenues i might take in pursuing such a dream.

i suppose my biggest stall before i have even put pen to paper is... well... what to write about?? it seems that everyone has written a children's book by now and the story lines have all been explored... but there must be something i can write about that would be both original and inventive enough to be worth publishing (or at the very least writing). looks like i have my work and research cut out for me!

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