Tuesday, March 1, 2011

commencing countdown

we are really rounding on laughter liftoff lately. c has only managed the one delicious peal of laughter a few weeks ago and has been working hard to recreate it. the squeaks, squawks, ooh's, and ahh's are so magical i often forget that he's a mere three months old. his advances in certain things cause a lapse in memory of his three months, but it's surely his size that's throwing us off the most! our boy is so tall for his age, and working his way through growth spurt after growth spurt that i have been casting aside his clothing left and right as his legs and arms begin to poke out further and further from the cloth. long legged pants and long sleeved shirts are becoming shorts and tees right before my eyes! so, with touches of sadness as well as pride, i pack away more little outfits we will be keeping for keepsakes and possibly the arrival of a new sibling one day, and collect the borrowed outfits from big cousin em to be returned. the rest of his clothing i have been setting aside for a pair of dear friends' expected little boy. it seems that baby fever has struck the people around me as more and more are expanding their families. i cannot withhold the smile that crosses my lips as i am reminded of the one thing i never expected us all to become: grown-ups.

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