Saturday, March 19, 2011

the tooth of the matter

well, we have reached the peak of teething this week. for the past few weeks i suspected little c was starting teething, but i couldn't be sure because he had no swelling of the gums, redness, or other signs of teeth. he was just drooling and chewing on everything. being that he's only four months old as of yesterday, i thought it must be too early for teeth yet. a few weeks later, the chewing got much more focused and i poked around his bottom gums until i noticed the left side was a little more swollen than the right. nothing much came of it, just more chewing and now it was the thumb that was taking a munching. then, last weekend he started waking up every two hours at night. this is absolutely unusual for him as he loves to snooze, so i thought 'yup! this must be teething!'

though i knew better, i was told that it's possible he's not teething but just going through a cranky/sleepless phase. yesterday my suspicions were confirmed: a tooth! not the whole tooth, but the top of a tooth poking through him bottom front gums. it has yet to rise out of the gums, but i don't think we will have long to wait! i hope this ordeal ends soon, as i see the beginning of the second tooth emerging as well and both my little boy and myself are in dyer need of a solid night's sleep! my zombie state has been dragging on for a week and it's getting the better of me now. though i am working hard to shake it off, the success of that is far from reach i fear.

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