Wednesday, March 23, 2011

springing forward

with spring *hopefully* around the corner, our bitty beetle is launching himself into his four month activities with great speed. his bottom front teeth are both through the gums and making their way up up up! he has also added rolling over without our help to his resume of accomplishments. though he still very much hates being on his belly, and has lately been acting very defeated about tummy time, he is now learning that with his frustration comes strength and determination and the motivation to roll from his belly to his back without our assistance. the look of both shock and pride on his face is nothing short of priceless. with arm and stomach strength on the rise, so is his leg strength. he's been very interested in standing for a little over a month, but now he's beginning something i was not expecting... stepping! with my hands under his arms, he bears almost all of his own weight and will eagerly step forward one little foot at a time if i walk with him. of course with all of these new physical strides being achieved, so are new vocal ones. with new sounds, and that infectious laughter we've been chasing close at hand, he's finding more and more ways to express his feelings to us. i have hours of fun just 'talking' with him and listening to his heart breakingly adorable noises.

with the weather warming, i am so looking forward to taking him out of the house more for walks and hikes with the dogs, and, with summer heat, dipping his little toes into the pool, lake, and ocean for the first time. this spring and summer hold such great things to experience with my wee wren, i can hardly wait.

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