Sunday, March 13, 2011

the new news

next week my little boy will be four months old and he is quickly adding new things to his repertoire. within the past week he has added many many new noises; 'words', squeaks, squawks, and squeals are finding their way into his increasing vocalizations. he's becoming very self aware now and expressing his distaste with great volume these days. though the shrieking and screaming fits are always temporary, this does not remove the surprise at his strong objection to certain things now. tantrums aside, his mood has been social and heart-crushingly cute. he's been teething this month and i am finally feeling a little swelling at the ridge of his bottom front gums. i have a feeling within the next month a wee tooth (or two) will poke it's pearly self through them. these sweet little 'hippo teeth,' as i've always called them, will only add more adorable charm to his brilliant little smile.

last night we spent about half an hour working with him on rolling over with no success. though tummy time is still a strongly objected past time for him, we soldier on in effort to build his strength in it. this morning, while laying him belly-down on the couch next to me he began to object, as usual, and squirm. the next thing i knew he was rolling over (into my ready hands, of course)! thinking it just a fluke, i was pleasantly surprised when he later repeated this action on our bed. it seems rolling tummy to back is another added skill little c is beginning to master. yesterday i also found a new skill i was not expecting him to have yet. while holding him under his arms, i stood him on his feet. he has been standing up for over a month with our assistance, so this is not new.. but when he raised his left leg and put it down only to raise his right.. i was curious. so, to test a theory, i began to move him in a forward motion.. and beheld my seventeen week old child 'walking' along with me! he would lift one leg and place it in front of him, straighten it, then lift and move the other. it appears that he is planning to skip crawling and move straight into walking!

i don't feel ready to let go of his 'newborn' status yet, but being that he's now an infant and moving quickly into all of the things that infants learn to do, i must succumb to it nonetheless.  i admit i am bursting with pride over his many accomplishments, regardless of the twinge of nostalgia i am experiencing. the often asked question of parents being 'where does the time go?' as our children hurtle headlong into growing up.

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