Thursday, March 31, 2011

out like a lion

much needed catching up is in order!

so march is drawing to a close tomorrow, as it will be april the first, and i cannot say it's gone out too much like a lamb. it roared in and is planning to roar out, too. one can only hope the april showers that are planning to grace us tomorrow into the weekend will be kind and not as cold and foreboding as they are threatening to be. with this april month in our grasp comes some stepping stones for my wee wren, too.

he's officially completed teething and is sporting two bottom incisors and a very determined and sharp bite. along with teeth came a new fascination with the raspberry noises we've been making at him lately. i anticipated that he would start puckering up his lips and blowing those cute baby bubbles and berries soon, but i was not expecting his mimicry to go so far as to include his tongue yet. e and i jokingly stick our tongues out to him and make the traditional 'thhhhp!' sound when little c is being particularly silly. now he's decided that raspberries are for the birds and he's begun making a rather drooly rendition of 'thhhhp!' back at us. he's quite proud of this and finds it to be incredibly amusing, and who's to blame him? it often sends me into giggles as he smirks, sticks out his little tongue, and blows a wet 'thhhhp!' back in my direction. clever boy!

he's still wary of tummy time, but we are being persistent with it's progress and have convinced him to roll over more readily now. though the tantrums seem to get louder with his new vocalizations, he's starting to understand the act of tummy time and rolling over. he even is beginning to attempt back to front as well as trying to sit up from a lying down position. he is desperate to be mobile and i am hopeful that if we continue progress with his belly routines that he may be crawling by six months.

progress of my wee babe aside, he's continued to be such a sweet and attentive child. being parents, as the bond is quite different than that of a cousin or acquaintance, we are privy to things no one else will share with our children. he just melts my heart with the darling things he does that no one else sees. i love when e comes home from work and c will get very excited and grin as he's swept up into daddy's arms, only to reach out both hands and touch e's face with loving familiarity as if to say 'just making sure it's you!' this morning, while lying in bed with my little bean, he rousted from an after-breakfast-snooze and a sleepy smile stretched across his face while, too, reaching for my face with those tiny hands to cup my cheek and chin. hands-to-face is his greeting to most people now, since his words have a while before finding his lips, and i cannot help but wonder warmly at his curiosity and intrigue of new things and people.

though his self-awareness is making him a bit more hesitant about going to people other than mom & dad (often times evoking a mini meltdown), he's quickly learning to trust and enjoy other people's company after watching them for a minute. his doctor's appointment two days earlier was actually most pleasant in comparison to our two month visit. while sitting on my lap, c observed his favorite nurse and dr. a very closely and even offered a smile and a few coo's in their directions before happily going to dr. a for his exam and even allowing his nurse to give him a shot without a flinch. since our last vaccination experience was quite negative, this time we split up the shots so he would have only one at a time. it worked well and he was hardly fussy and slept solidly through the night. next week he will follow with the second shot and i think the result will be the same. live it, learn it!

we did get our cloth diapers, finally, but have yet to use them exclusively. the diapers and the use of them is not the issue so much as the fact that our string bean is so long and lean that the diapers are too large for his skinny frame. he cannot sit up or even move his legs much in the over-voluminous diapers, which is just hindering the progress he's been making with tummy time and sitting on his own. we've agreed to wait to use them when he's a bit bigger so that they will not envelope him and reduce his persistent mobility.

catching up achieved for now! we are much looking forward to our first easter with our bitty wren, as we are hosting a dinner for grandparents and aunts, uncles, and big cousin. it will be nice to have everyone in one place again to eat and visit and make memories. hard to ask for more than that!

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