Sunday, January 9, 2011

boxers or briefs?

in moments when i intend to be brief, i find myself far more long-winded than intended. but this moment will be brief as i have many other things that need tending to as baby c has made his way to his nana & grandpa's for the afternoon.

my parents gave me a wonderful idea recently, and i just recalled it to the forefront of my memory; i find that "mommy brain" leaves me so forgetful these days! grr.. however, i remembered this and wanted to at least put it here to recount later. my dad has become an avid reader of my blogging as it keeps him in touch with our family happenings when they cannot be present. he mentioned to me that i might keep blogging for a time until c is old enough to read and appreciate it, and then i should turn my blog into a printed book for him to cherish always. i must admit to loving the heck out of this idea! i started blogging merely because putting pen to paper, though much more romantic a form, has never served me well in diligence. i always forget to write and leave large gaps in my journals, missing important events that i cannot again recall in detail. so i took to blogging as a way to keep up with my life and document the things i wanted to remember. also, with our society so technologically swamped, i have fallen prey to the siren call of my laptop and spend more time with my fingers on the keys than i do with them on a pen. but i digress.. the point it, i very much look forward to putting my blog in print someday for my wee wren to keep and read.

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