Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cousin's second year

this weekend we celebrated an early second birthday for c's cousin little e. hard to think that while i am reeling over c's second month, little e's momma must really be reeling as she reaches her second year! a fun little party, complete with princess plates and napkins, was held at nana & grandpa's house and we had a wonderful time! it's not often we get to see our lovely sister, brother, and niece since they moved hours south of us, so we try to steal as much of their attention in the short visits we get! after cake and presents and merriment we were lucky to have them stay the night with us, too! i wait for the days when our babe will be big enough to run along side his cousin and learn what she will already know. we hope that by then we will be blessed with them living closer so we may plan more adventures together. nothing would be cooler!

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