Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the snail delivers


today was a busy and snowy day for these wee wrens. though lounging in bed gave us a late start, by 1:00 p.m. we were all bundled up and ready venture out into the snow for a few errands about town. after a stop at the bank, we made our way to a few stores to purchase long sleeves to keep e & i warm at our local reny's, a hot cup of chai from the lovely cafe, then off to the co-op to restock our earl grey and treat ourselves to a little lambic framboise (raspberry belgian beer). while making my purchase at the co-op, i also picked up an application for weekend work. i am hoping to pick up a few hours on the weekends someplace in town not only to pad my pockets with a little extra cash but also for some adult related interactions that a mommy takes for granted. i love being a stay at home mom, but i forgot how important interacting with grown ups can be for mental sanity!

after the co-op, i talked e into a stop at the second hand baby store in town to look for pajamas for c. he's so tall that he has outgrown the 0-3 month size already! how is my two month old baby (two months to the day!) growing this fast, i wonder? truly amazing. i made out like a bandit and we made our last stop at the post office before heading home. we have been having trouble getting our mail because the snow prevents delivery on days like today. e picked up the package he had been waiting for, and we headed home thinking we were getting no other mail this day. but i was wrong! later, while sitting and feeding little c, i heard the mailbox being opened and closed. thinking it was just e outside cleaning it off, i dismissed the idea of mail. then, after a second thought hours later, i asked e if we in fact had received mail in our mailbox. he left the room and reentered with an armload to my surprise! handing me, first, a package addressed to us by way of royal mail. now i don't believe that i have mentioned this, but my grandmother is english. and i do not mean by extended heritage, but in fact born and raised. she moved to the united states in her early 20's, where she married my grandfather and gave birth to six children (one of which is of course my mother). she is now a naturalized citizen of the u.s. of a. but i do have family that still resides there. i opened the package sent all the way 'across the puddle,' and inside found a beautiful blue sleeper set and three white sleepers. just what we have been needing! i will be sending them a thank-you promptly!

after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the outfits, i noticed e had also handed me a card with an envelope addressed to 'kaybet.' i laughed because this is what his big cousin calls him and upon opening the card i found an invitation to her second birthday party! (already???!)

what a great day for snail mail!!

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