Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the second month

it's been a bit since i've written in this and i think it's due time to update. caleb is now two months and one week old. this string bean had his check up today and he weighs in at 12 pounds, 8 ounces and 24 and 3/4 inches tall! this places our babe at the 75th percentile in weight and 95th percentile in height! just a growing machine! he did have two shots today, which he was pretty unhappy about and screamed until he was red in the face-- something that is rare for him. but after we were back in the car he took a nap while edward ran into the grocery store to pick up some things.

new developments, aside from the immense growth that's taken place, is that we tried our first night of him sleeping in his crib last night. well, that's not true.. it was actually our second attempt at it, as two nights ago he cried after only a few hours of sleeping in there and i was too tired and lonely to make him go back in his crib. i never thought i would be a mom who missed having her little one sleeping next to her or right next to her all of the time but in fact.. i am a sucker for his sweet little form snuggled close by. the second attempt, made last night, we absolutely successful. he slept five hours straight, woke to eat, and then was back to sleep for another three hours or so. i have to admit, i slept better than i have in a while as well. when it came time to put him down to sleep, i nursed him for the first time in the rocking chair my parents gave me and loved every second of it. i settled him onto his boppy pillow, wrapped us both in the large quilt my cousin made him, and rocked and nursed him in the soft glow of his nightlight while his mobile played the sound of crashing waves. then, i settled him softly into his crib and heard nothing from him until this morning. the mobile in his crib has become one of two new things he's fascinated with. he can lie underneath it and coo, babble, and kick his little feet for hours. the other new discovery is his activity center which i just assembled two nights ago. after noticing that he's able to put almost his full weight on him legs and stand with us holding him stable i decided i should see if he could fit into the stationary jumper. he is too small yet to be able to reach the bouncing floor of it, but with a pillow under his feet and one behind his back he is able to reach out to the various gadgets around the swiveling chair. he has found the bee to be the most intriguing and the first night i put him in it had him near full laughter at the sound the bee makes when it is spun around. so, for a little each day, i put him in it and find myself in complete amazement of the advances he's made in his interactions and motor skills. lately it's been all smiles and noises as he works on putting his 'words' together and building up to laughter and much babbling. he's even learning to use his hands and pulling things to his mouth. i cannot help but admire the way a baby learns and grows. every advance i see caleb make just has me in awe of the way we develop as humans. to think that we were all once this small and putting things together for ourselves sometimes feels impossible. but, alas, we did it and our children will do it, too.

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