Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcoming: two thousand eleven

the date today reads 1.1.11 and so far it's been the best start to a year i could ask for. i have a wonderful and dedicated beloved, a new and darling baby boy, a house that keeps a roof over my head, a man who keeps clothes on my back, two dogs and a cat scampering about, food in my belly and blessings abundantly falling all around my life.

last night we did not go out and party. we did not get drunk or yell very loudly with our friends. we did nothing typical of what our past new year's eves would indicate. last night, the eve of 2011, we set the timer on e's watch and counted down the seconds as they fell away into midnight. while lying in bed with little c in the crook of my arm softly snoozing, i kissed my loving boyfriend and my sleeping son knowing that i could not have celebrated in a better way this year.

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