Saturday, January 8, 2011

pampering from within

today is a hot cocoa kind of day. e was granted paternity leave by his work because they changed their policy just after sweet little c was born. so now he has four weeks off to spend at home, how lovely! he's out and about today running errands and picking up some things we need to weatherproof the house while i pick away at chores around the house. but for a brief moment i am indulging in a little hot cocoa and some blogging.

i am anxious to take advantage of e's time off for some fun projects and household improvements this month. i picture our living room finally painted a fresh minty-green to match our hallway and the crown molding and ceiling light completed. i am on the hunt for a low-cost but spectacular area rug for our living room floor, and i plan to paint some shelving to hang on the walls in both the living and dining rooms to adorn with beloved plants and nick nacks. the house, as it stands, is beginning to feel more homey and cozy by the day. each time i come across a unique item that must live in our house, i find it's like pieces clicking together in a puzzle. i know that e could not care less about some of the things i want to do or the overall cleanliness of the house.. but something about a clean and tidy dwelling seems to harness my chi and cleanse my soul. it's like cleaning the exterior of my life also lends a cleansing hand to my interior life as well. i think we could all use a "spring cleaning" no matter what the season. i am also conjuring up ideas for decorating in our wee wren's nursery. his room, as of now, hosts nothing on it's walls and i am trying to decide what and where things will live on those empty canvases.

making this house a home for my little family has become one of my favorite activities. watching my son grow and my relationship with my beloved man blossom even further is purely resplendent and it leaves me cozy in my role as mother and housewife. there are so many adventures ahead, so many new and wonderful experiences to be had.. i am unequivocally excited to take them all on as they approach.

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