Tuesday, December 7, 2010

boy, oh my boys.

i am finding myself more in love every day with my little wren. baby c, even at his most frustrating, is such a wonder. he's learned to take a bottle and he even holds his pucky (pacifier) in the few cases that we allow him to comfort himself with it. we have tried to keep his exposure limited on the bottle and pucky but he's taken care of this for us as he prefers the real deal over rubber imitation. he's lifting his head up for long periods of time and, with our assistance, he loves to sit up and look around. he responds to our voices and focuses on whatever is in his focal range at this time. it just makes a mother burst with gloating pride, though bragging about it seems rather foolish as what parent doesn't feel this way about their own child? we all think our little ones are miraculous no matter what they do.

now, i admit rather sheepishly that i had originally thought i wanted a little girl. when i first found out i was pregnant i was convinced it was a girl. in my mind i felt that having a girl would be the easiest for me because i would have my womanly knowledge to impart on her. i feared that i would have nothing to offer a little boy and that he would souly be his father's child. when i found out we were having a boy, though, i was just as happy. and i quickly learned, even while pregnant, that my initial fears were absolutely foolish. i am loving having a little boy. i read to him, sing to him, dance with him, bathe him, and snuggle him like there will never be a tomorrow. breastfeeding him is a bond that only he and i share, and i have no further trepidations about him only being daddy's boy. for now, at least, he's my darling boy all day long. then when e get's home from work and settled in for the night, i hand c over to him and they have their own kind of bonding time while i catch up on a few chores and some brief mommy-time.

i love all of my boys: e, c, uzi & dozer. even with miss isa & i outnumbered in our ladyhood, i don't mind at all. c is terrific most all of the time, while e and i are closer now than we have been in months. this is thanks largely in part to my feeling better about myself. not carrying around a watermelon-sized mound on my front and finding my feet fitting comfortably back into my old shoes does wonders for this mother wren's spirits. i no longer need the 8 pillows i was sleeping with and enjoy having e in bed next to me again for those cold nights where his body heat fends off the chill while i snuggle close against him.

i have said it before, and now i say it again... i am so very lucky.

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