Tuesday, December 21, 2010

one magic month

 my baby is, dare i say it? ...one month old!

saturday marked the day our sweet child turned a full month old and i cannot even begin to calculate where the time went. saturday night little c and i stayed with my parents while we gave e the run of the house to entertain his friends who were visiting from out of state for christmas. we had a wonderful time with c's grammy and grampy and the following day he spent a few hours with his nana and grandpa while e and i got a few things done around the house.
today we had his one month check up at the doctor's and he weighs 10lbs, 9oz. and he's 22.25 inches long. amazing that my once 7lb, 15oz & 20.25 inch newborn has grown this month. but the measurements are not the only growth we've been tracking. our wee wren is now holding his head up and looking around with tremendous strength and smiling and cooing back at us. every day i find myself in awe of this little wonder and all of the things he does. i never thought i would be one to gush non-stop about her child, but i find i cannot help it. though i still love the things i always have, i find my love for my sweet baby wren surpasses all!

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