Saturday, December 4, 2010

like weeds do

our little c is going through his first growth spurt. not only is our 8+lb baby boy growing bigger, he's eating bigger! every hour (sometimes every half) he is insisting that he is starving. at first i was thinking perhaps he was only wanting to suck on something to soothe himself. i finally broke down the other night and thawed out some frozen breast milk to try a bottle, just to see how much he might actually eat. after four ounces i realized he wasn't kidding! he was in fact hungry. he's having a hard time sleeping at night now, which means that i am up with him, too. last night i decided that i would sleep in our spare room so that i could feed him on demand and keep him in the bed with me. this worked out pretty well and i found that i did not mind so much because it was so nice to fall asleep next to my happy babe after every feeding. though i am very tired this morning, it's not stressful enough to be upset about. i just remind myself that he will go through these spurts and then they will be over until the next one. there's always a sunny place in the shadowed moments.

i have found myself very annoyed with the negative blaspheming of some already 'experienced' parents that want nothing more than to tell us things to make us feel disconcerted. the 'your life will never be your own again' s and the 'forget about sleeping' s and the 'you're in for the roughest ride of your life' s are just frustrating. if parenthood has not left you with a feeling of being blessed, then don't share that with me. i do not wish to take part in your downer-debbie mentality. sure, things are bound to get stressful and we will not always feel so sunny about parenthood, but why must people look at things like that's all there is? even in the rough moments there's always a better one around the corner. that's true of life, so why can't it be true of having children? e and i have been working on keeping a positive outlook on being parents. even when little wren is having a meltdown and we are standing there scratching our heads as to what he needs, we stay positive.

he's our baby. he'll always be our baby. and i do not wish to ever give a new parent the downer-debbie input that we've been given. all i can say to those new parents, like us, is that these past few weeks we've loved. even in our moments of exhaustion, it's always worth it to see our darling boy open his eyes, raise his eyebrows, make that inquisitive 'o' with his mouth, and look around while lifting his head from our shoulders.

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