Sunday, December 5, 2010

over the river and through the woods

this morning we decided to test drive little c's grandparents. we were going to try to go to the indoor flea market and thought maybe letting e's parents have him for a few hours might be a good trial for future outings. i got him fed, changed, dressed, and packed and e took him to nana & grandpa's. in the mean time i was able to have a cup of coffee, shower, get dressed, and decide on breakfast instead of the flea market. we were able to go out to the diner together and surprisingly i was not too concerned about our wee wren who was in safe and loving hands. we have only just begun to introduce a bottle one feeding a day, so packing up a bottle and his bouncer was a little strange feeling to me. a small fleeting moment of emptiness knowing i would not be breastfeeding him his late morning meal.

he slept for nana & grandpa the whole time and was only just getting up for a feeding when we arrived to whisk him back home. it was nice to have a few hours time to myself, as those moments are fleeting right now. however, i did miss my sweet munchkin and was happy to have him back in my arms at home by noon!

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