Tuesday, December 14, 2010

you are my sunshine

little c is nearly one month old. saturday will mark this occasion and i cannot understand where the time went! i still feel that it was yesterday that we arrived home from the hospital, and yet three and a half weeks have already come to pass. he's been growing like the magic bean stock that young jack once climbed and beginning to interact even more than before. he's holding his head up for longer periods of time, tracking our movements and voices. he's almost cooing and he's begun to smile in his sleep as well as when we talk to him/smile at him. it amazes me to no end the amount of love and joy i feel for my little boy. sometimes, when he's being particularly cute, i get that 'petting the kitty too hard' urge and want to squish him so close to me and never let him go.

right now, as i watch him sleeping in his little bugs bouncer, i am in awe of just how perfect he is and how miraculous it is that he was once growing within me. nothing could ever top the feeling of being a mother. it's purely magical.

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