Thursday, December 30, 2010

a b c's

 i have a feeling i am running out of time during my wee wren's nap to write this, but i am boldly giving it a shot. he's been swinging in his owl swing for about two hours, waking briefly every so often to fuss and crash into sleep again, so now is my chance.

watching a child grow, my child grow, has been nothing short of phenomenal. i have all but forgotten just how small he was a mere six weeks ago as he is now around eleven pounds and over twenty-two inches long. he has been outgrowing clothes with rapid speed and i am struggling to keep up with this race to grow up! we have put aside the newborn clothes and are now beginning to weed out the 0-3 month outfits that his long legs are casting aside far too quickly. last night i, somewhat sadly, began packing away the wee jammies and teensy sockies that once fit my sweet boy's feet. it's been a sprint to the next sizes and he's leaving them behind without more than a passing glance. i have already begun to use some of the 3-6 month sizes! thankfully, we are overloaded with outfits in this size, but i fear he will hardly wear most of them before i will be packing those away, too, and breaking into the 6 month and up sizes. it's simply remarkable how short the stretch of time was where i thought he would never grow into some of these clothes and now those clothes have been worn once and never again will he be able. simply remarkable, indeed.

today i watched a video we took of him almost a month ago, and i was in awe of just how tiny he was. now he has begun to coo more readily, he's all smiles at times, and he's even starting to learn what his wee hands are for. weeks ago i hung a small lion toy above his pack n' play bassinet bed. just a stuffed little lion on a ribbon that jingles a bit when it's been jostled about. darling little c has learned, after many times of hitting it without true intention, that this lion makes noises and swings about with a smack from his little hands. now he stares intently at it and throws his hand in it's direction with true intent, almost amazed when it jingles and lurches away from him upon contact. then, with what can only be described as satisfaction, he coos and grunts at his little lion friend as if to say 'you are fun, do it again!' if this is just the beginning of the pride a mother feels over her child's discovery, then i am in for a tremendously wonderful ride.

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