Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cozy christmas

today c and i indulged in the sultry sounds of bing crosby, perry como, and the andrews sisters christmas compilation while i decorated our tree. i love this tradition now that it's become my own for my own family. as a child, my father used to put on christmas music and put the multi-colored lights on our tree with expert finesse that only comes from years of practice and patience. once the lights were on the tree, it was then up to my brother and me to put on all of our many cherished decorations. now that i am on my own, my mother bestowed upon me a small box full of some of these ornaments that once graced our childhood trees. so today i took pride in placing each and every little item on the tree. the glass light bulb covers in the shapes of santas, teddy bears, and angels, the icicle light covers, and the teddy bear covers that i know my mom had loved as she used to collect bears. then came the white-painted pine cones my father had collected and painted himself to hide the bald spots in our charlie brown christmas trees. and the ornaments. oh the ornaments. i only have a few of the vast collection i truly own, having left most of them behind with my parents, but the ones i have are full of sweet memories. little wren is even beginning a collection of his own, as five of the many on the tree are his already.

tonight we shall sit in front of the tree and admire it's beauty and the warmth it fills me with to share it with my son. i hope he will grow to love this holiday season as much as i do and always be filled with the childlike wonder it instills in us.

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