Monday, November 8, 2010

busy birds

today rolls in as three days overdue and i'm trying to keep myself busy as not to get too anxious for labor to start. yesterday e and i went to run last minute errands in town before the little wren arrives. i managed to convince him to go to the local goodwill store with me where i pillaged the sweater racks for wool sweaters to begin my felted winter projects. i immediately felted them once we got home and today i started thinking of ways in which to re-love them into new things. i finally decided to make a christmas stocking for our babe's first christmas and set to work cutting up the sweaters and setting aside the pieces i liked best. once i had found the patterns and colors i wanted to use, i began drawing out the pattern for the stocking and cutting all of the parts to make it whole. now that i've begun using a sewing machine, i'm also learning how to sew much better. i was able to make the basic stocking without much distress and it all began to fall into place. i decided to hand stitch the cuff, pocket, toe & heel patches onto the stocking and finished it off with a button. sitting back and looking at it, i am blissfully excited to have our little boy share the christmas holiday with us. christmas happens to be this momma's favorite holiday and having a baby to spoil and pass my traditions down to warms my soul. can't wait to fill his stocking with goodies, though next christmas will be the one he'll actually be old enough to participate in.

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