Tuesday, November 2, 2010

for the finale

as the fall air grows colder and the leaves have almost all left the trees and found a final resting place on the ground, i find myself anxiously chomping at the bit to have my son here with us. the sunshine through the bedroom windows warms the blankets on the bed as our fluffy black cat suns himself. this scene lends the insides of our home a cozy feeling as it shelters what's within from the nip in the air that's without. three more days until wee wren's due date and i cannot help but feel minutely dismayed at the fact that i feel no closer to labor. every morning e asks me how i'm feeling and if i think i'll go into labor soon and i hate to admit, each time, that i do not feel any closer. i can only hope my sweet babe will not keep us waiting too long to meet him. we are ready and we are calling 'olly olly all come free!'

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