Sunday, November 28, 2010

hot under the collar

today i had my first real moment of panic for baby wren. we had him circumcised and the plastic ring that was due to fall off in five more days came off this morning. i felt my insides quiver as i called the on call doctor who assured us it should be okay. we just need to keep an eye on it until tomorrow to see if it looks infected or too swollen. my heart breaks for my sweet babe as i know that i shouldn't overreact. but later tonight he was fussy and hot to the touch. i took his temperature and after a few reads it was 100. my insides began to quiver again as i dialed my mom and asked what to do. she calmed me down and said that babies seem to run mild fevers around this time of night so not to panic. she told me to wait an hour and check it again to see if it had stayed the same or if it had gone up. if it seemed the same or higher, to cool him off with washcloths and call our doctor. later e took his temperature and it read perfect 98.6. i still feel a little on edge, but i am glad that he is not actually running a fever. tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment and i hope everything turns out to be okay. a momma can only handle so much worry!

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