Monday, November 1, 2010

spread your wings

five days. that's all that are left in our countdown to little wren's due date. we are prepared for the 'any day now' arrival and hoping he doesn't keep us waiting, but there's a bigger possibility he will wait to spread his wings and join us. thankfully i've begun readjusting to sleepless body & mind and most night's i'm able to get five hours of sleep. this morning, though, i found that i could not get back to sleep after my dear cat woke me up to be let out into the garage. so at 5:00am i lay awake thinking my usual wide-awake thoughts of baby, life, and the approaching labor. finally, at 7:00 i dragged myself into e's lair (his takeover of the spare room can only be described as such, trust me) and crawled drowsily into bed next to him. curling up against his back, even without the covers over me, as they were tightly wrapped around him, was so warm. i immediately fell asleep against him. it's remarkable that after months of not being able to get comfortable or sleep next to him, that my most peaceful slumber lately is in the wee hours of the morning when he crawls into bed next to me before he gets up to ready himself for work. this morning when he woke, he rolled over, covered me in the blankets, wrapped his arms around me and back to sleep we went. it was nice to have a later start than usual today. those little moments take me back to when we first started our relationship. i can't wait to bring our little wren into our world and share in these small cozy moments, too.

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